FileMaker Application: Seminar Management Tool

With more than a thousand students in total, the school administration office needed a database system to avoid overlapped membership or missing submission.  The entire process was revised, and consequently some new rules and datasets were added for more efficiency in terms of human tasks and the system architecture.

The database application was developed by FileMaker Pro 10.  The features are:

  • manages the students personal information
  • manages the communications with students and instructors
  • manages the financial data
  • provides various reports




データベースアプリケーションはFileMakerPro 10で制作されています。以下機能です。

  • 受講者の個人情報の管理
  • 受講者および講師と事務局とのコミュニケーションの管理
  • 売上経費などの会計情報の管理
  • さまざまなレポートの作成


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